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5 star Fujikawaguchiko hotels

Hoshinoya Fuji

Oishi 1408, Fujikawaguchiko, Japan

Hoshinoya Fuji photo

Itchiku Kubota Art Museum is within 15 minutes' walk away. The tranquil Hoshinoya Fuji offers comfortable rooms with a breathtaking view over Lake Kawaguchi.

4 star Fujikawaguchiko hotels

Regina Kawaguchiko Fujikawaguchiko

Funatsu 5239-1, Fujikawaguchiko, Japan

Regina Kawaguchiko Fujikawaguchiko photo

The property is set 15 minutes' walk from Kawaguchiko Stellar Theater. Offering view over Lake Kawaguchi, which is 3.5 km away, Regina Kawaguchiko is a…

Fuji Ginkei Fujikawaguchiko

132 Asakawa, Fujikawaguchiko, Japan

Fuji Ginkei Fujikawaguchiko photo

Kawaguchiko Natural Loving Centre are within a 30-minute walk of the property. The 4-star Fuji Ginkei Hotel is placed about 3.1 km from…

Kosuien Fujikawaguchiko

1081-1 Asagawa Fujikawaguchimachi, Minami Tsuru-Gu Lake Kawaguchi 401-0303 Yamanashi Japan, Fujikawaguchiko, Japan

Kosuien Fujikawaguchiko photo

The property is about 20 minutes' walk of Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum. Offering view over Itchiku Kubota Art Museum, which is 2.7 km away, Kosuien…

3 star Fujikawaguchiko hotels

Mizuno Hotel Fujikawaguchiko

Azagawa 187, Fujikawaguchiko, Japan

Mizuno Hotel Fujikawaguchiko photo

Offering ideal setting in Fujikawaguchiko just near a train station, Mizuno Hotel overlooks Lake Kawaguchi. The 3-star Mizuno Hotel lies within 1.7 km from…

Nagahama Ryokan Fujikawaguchiko

795-1,Nagahama,Fuji-Kawaguchiko-Cho,Minamitsuru-Gun ,Fuji-San 401-0331, Fujikawaguchiko, Japan

Nagahama Ryokan Fujikawaguchiko photo

This budget hotel is situated 2.9 km from Yamanashi Gem Museum, Kawaguchiko Muse Museum and Aokigahara Forest. Nagahama Ryokan is rated 3 stars and provides…

Sakura-An Kawaguchiko Hotel Fujikawaguchiko

Katsuyama 3337-1, Fujikawaguchiko, Japan

Sakura-An Kawaguchiko Hotel Fujikawaguchiko photo

The property is 30 minutes' walk from center of Fujikawaguchiko. The budget 3-star Sakura-An Kawaguchiko Hotel provides 24-hour reception, housekeeping and ironing…

2 star Fujikawaguchiko hotels

Shirataki Fujikawaguchiko

Kawaguchi 2974, Fujikawaguchiko, Japan

Shirataki Fujikawaguchiko photo

Shirataki Hotel is a 2-star property only 2.0 km from Aokigahara Forest, Kawaguchiko Muse Museum and Oishi Park.

Senjo Lakekawaguchiko

Kodachi 494-2, Fujikawaguchiko, Japan

Senjo Lakekawaguchiko photo

The venue is 1.6 km away from Lake Kawaguchiko. Senjo Lakekawaguchiko is a fine place to stay in Fujikawaguchiko.

Resort Inn Sakanoshita Fujikawaguchiko

454,Funatsu,Fujikawaguchiko-Machi,Minamitsuru-Gun ,Fuji-San 401-0301, Fujikawaguchiko, Japan

Resort Inn Sakanoshita Fujikawaguchiko photo

This budget property is 30 minutes' walk to Fujikyu Highlands. The 2-star Resort Inn Sakanoshita is set just 2.3 km from Oishi Park.

Recommended Fujikawaguchiko hotels

Nishimiyasou Fujikawaguchiko

331-2 Kodachi, Fujikawaguchiko-Machi, Minamitsuru-Gun, Yamanashi, Fujikawaguchiko, Japan

Nishimiyasou Fujikawaguchiko photo

A 20-minute walk will take guests to Lake Kawaguchiko. Located in a touristic area of Fujikawaguchiko, Nishimiyasou Guest House apartment offers karaoke, a safety…

Resort Inn Fujihashi Fujikawaguchiko

Funatsu 378-2, Fujikawaguchiko, Japan

Resort Inn Fujihashi Fujikawaguchiko photo

The property is set 10 minutes' walk of the city center. The excellent Resort Inn Fujihashi provides guests with 12 elegant rooms as well as…

Komaya Ryokan Fujikawaguchiko

Kawaguchi 2988, Fujikawaguchiko, Japan

Komaya Ryokan Fujikawaguchiko photo

The city center is 2 km away from the hotel. The comfortable Komaya Ryokan offers elegant guest rooms close to Yamanashi Gem Museum, Fujikyu Highlands…